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How CARCHEX Handles Complaints – Jason Goldsmith

I wanted to take a moment to address the question: How does CARCHEX handle customer complaints?

First, we have the best trained staff in the industry who are skilled in working as counselors and advocates for you, the customer. If you have an issue with your extended warranty, our Vehicle Protection Specialists are the first, and often last, person you will need to talk to.

If, unfortunately, an issue needs more time to be resolved, CARCHEX has instituted a ticketing system to track complaints from beginning to end. I explain this system in the video you see below.

Finally, I pride myself with being available to any customer with a question, comment, concern, or complaint about their extended car warranty or CARCHEX customer experience. The buck stops with me and I am determined to uphold our “Customer Experience Above All” promise. You can email me with any concerns at ceo@carchex.com and I will personally respond to your issue.

I hope this helps clarify CARCHEX’s complaint resolution process. We don’t get many, but when we do, our goal is to solve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

– Jason Goldsmith, CARCHEX CEO

Video Transcription:

The way we handle complaints is pretty simple. What we did is build a ticketing system to make sure that every issue gets addressed quickly, appropriately, and all the way through to resolution

So no matter how you start a complaint or an issue you may have, whether you call your protection specialist who sold you your policy, or whether you talked to someone else in customer service, we track it all the way through to resolution. We can make sure you are speaking with the right person. You can always be escalated to me or you can actually call me or contact me directly via email. My contact information is on every piece of communication we send to each of our customers and potential customers.

Wondering About Warranties? Pat Goss Has Your Answers. Episode 1: CARCHEX Complaints

When the factory warranty for your vehicle has expired, you know it is time to purchase an extended auto warranty to protect yourself from costly repairs. However, we here at CARCHEX know that extended auto warranties can be very complex and in some cases difficult to understand. That is why we have created a brand new video series to provide answers to common uncertainties people have about auto warranties.

In this video, Pat Goss gives “next step” advice for people who have recently purchased an extended auto warranty from CARCHEX and have a concern or complaint about it.

Pat Goss gives his two cents about the  technological advancements in modern cars. While technological innovation in vehicles (like blind spot detection) is both beneficial and cool, it should be noted that as vehicles and their parts become more intricate, the possibility for repair increases. For this reason, it is extremely important to make sure your vehicle is covered by warranty.

To learn more about CARCHEX and to Get Protected, visit www.CARCHEX.com.

What should consumers do if they already purchased an extended warranty and they have a concern or complaint?

Extended warranties like most things in life these days can be very complex and in some cases difficult to understand so if you have an issue or a complaint you can resolve it by going to carchxcomplaints.com

Now a little bit about technology in modern cars…

Modern cars are about as exciting as anything you can imagine. We have all sorts of different features that a few years ago we only dreamed about having: things that let you know you have a car in your blind spot, like this particular car tells you when you drift out of your lane. The cruise control can maintain a set distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. It can actually apply the breaks or stop the car.

The list of things like this, even down to the point where a lot if these cars are actual of and by themselves “hot spots” and can do voice-to-text and text-to-voice and all kinds of things like that, really amazing.

Resolving CARCHEX Complaints—Hiccups in the Customer Experience

CARCHEX complaints are a rarity, but they sometimes happen. Either through a misunderstanding of what our services are or through some point in their policy that they are not aware of. Where CARCHEX differs from many other warranty service providers is that we do our best to improve the customer experience and handle complaints fairly. In fact, this is a huge point in our motto of “customer experience above all.”

Warranty Coverage Confusion—Call Your Provider First

One huge point of confusion that many people have about their warranty coverage is what is exactly covered in their policy. We do our best to educate our customers and potential customers early on about what is covered in their policies, and our used car warranties are written as plainly as possible. Still, it occasionally happens that even a part that “should be” covered is not.

How is this possible?

There are three main possibilities. One is that the component was subjected to unusual wear and tear through bad maintenance or abusive driving practices. Another is that if a part is modified, if it is just an “upgrade” and not replacing a failed part, or if it was installed by a “shade tree mechanic,” it may not be covered by any warranty, not just a warranty through CARCHEX. Of course, pre-existing conditions are a possible reason for denial, as with any warranty provider.

In the first place, always make sure you know what the conditions are in your policy. Above all, keep up with the factory recommended maintenance and keep your receipts with your policy. In all cases, call your provider before changing components to see if it is covered. You are more likely to be covered by calling first than by doing the work and then calling.

Is CARCHEX a Warranty Provider?

CARCHEX is a partner of several warranty provider companies. It is ultimately not our call whether or not a warranty claim was approved or denied. What we provide is a level of access to high quality warranties in such a way that you get the most rock bottom prices for them.

That is not to say that we will not help you with your claim process. Our goal is, after all, customer satisfaction. There may have been some detail you missed when talking with your provider that meant the difference between acceptance and denial. Whatever your situation is, we will do whatever we can to see that it is resolved to your satisfaction.

Complaint Boards and CARCHEX Complaint Resolutions

Chances are if you do a Google search on any company’s name and include the words “scam,” “rip off,” or a similar variant, you will find complaint boards where they are mentioned. We won’t deny that CARCHEX complaints are on these boards; you can’t be around as long as we have without someone getting unhappy with you. It is all too easy for most people to just stop there and call businesses “frauds,” but this ignores what may have actually happened.

Sometimes, this is just a hasty reaction to a legitimate denial, a confused experience with one customer service representative, it could be a competitor making a false complaint, or it may be a legitimate complaint. Either way, how the business handles these complaints shows their true character. Often, a complaint on one of these boards is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, but that does not mean that the complaint board will necessarily remove the complaint. CARCHEX’s limited presence on complaint boards is defined by us resolving complaints, and this is a large part of why we have an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau, the most reliable resource to determine if a company is good or not.

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