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What Advantage Does Fuel Injection Give NASCAR?

The 2012 NASCAR season features a major change that you will probably never notice. For the first time in NASCAR’s history, car will be outfitted with fuel-injected rather than carbureted engines. This move was made to bring stock cars more inline with production vehicles. While both carburetors and fuel injectors have been around for a while, all cars produced in the USA  since 1990 have come with fuel-injected engines.

Other than a new technology for pit crews to master, what difference will this change make on racing? Pat Goss explains why the switch might make for more exciting and strategic racing.

So, even if you don’t know a socket wrench from a sock, or the difference between an oil and an air filter, you can now talk with some confidence about NASCAR’s new fuel-injected engines.

You have questions, Pat Goss has answers.

This is the first year that NASCAR has used fuel-injected engines. What does that mean and what advantages does it give the drivers?

Well, fuel injection is a more precise way of metering the amount of fuel that goes into an engine. And of course there are varying types of fuel injection, some a lot more precise then others. As far as race cars go, the biggest single advantage, unless they do something to alter it some other place in the car, is that they should be able to go a little bit further on every gallon of fuel.

Wondering About Warranties? Episode 9: Extended GMC Warranty

Since the auto bailout, there has been a lot of talk and worry about purchasing a car made in Detroit. Should consumers be worried about buying an car from a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy? Would the quality of GM’s or Chrysler’s suffer due to their restructuring?

Most importantly, if you bought a car from GMC, would your warranty still be valid? If GM went under, would they be able to still honor their warranty commitments? Pat Goss reveals if these fears are valid, even after some time has passed and GM seems to be getting back on its feet.

So, GMC fans, you have nothing to worry about. Once that factory warranty expires, however, make sure you protect your investment with an extended GMC warranty from CARCHEX.

You have questions, Pat Goss has answers.

I really like GMC’s but given their reputation and the recent auto bailout I’m worried about buying one. Should I be?

Should you be worried about buying a GMC? No way! They have exceptionally good quality. They’re well built vehicles, they’re very purposeful vehicles, very practical vehicles, but then you come up with the question with the bail out and all that. Is there an issue with the warranty? No, actually, there is no issue at all, but to be absolutely protected you might want to consider an extended GMC warranty, preferably from CARCHEX.

Are Drivers Too Reliant on Technology?

Long gone are the days when you had to hand crank your windows, manually adjust your seats, or rely on only one side-view mirror. Cars now come packed with technology that even a decade ago would have seemed only possible in science fiction. We now have cars that brake for us, that warn us if there is a vehicle in our blindspot, and can even parallel park themselves.

But is there a downside to all this new automotive technology? Pat Goss explains why all these wonderful gadgets could actually be making us “dumb and dangerous drivers.”

So, even if your car should warn you of possible danger, make sure to check over your shoulder before changing lanes. It could very well save your life.

You have questions, Pat Goss has answers.

I love all the new safety features on my car but my friend says they are making us too reliant on technology. Are these new features good or bad for drivers?

Modern cars have a wide array of electronic devices that sometimes are standard, sometimes they’re optional, that can actually help prevent accidents. There are things like blind spot warning systems and lane maintaining systems and braking systems that will brake the car automatically if there’s a vehicle ahead of you. Well, the problem with all of these is that under certain circumstances they could save your life, but there is one absolute rule with them: you do not rely on them as your primary source of information or reaction to situations. You still, no matter how many of these devices are on your car, you still have to be a driver. You have to maintain control. You have to use your brain. If you rely on these safety features too much they make you a dumb and dangerous driver.

Not All Auto Warranty Companies the Same

Quality service contracts prove valuable when unforeseen automobile breakdowns leave drivers with repair bills that tear holes through their budgets. Just as a health insurance provider allows a policy-holder to pay monthly fees in return for coverage against unmanageable hospital bills; auto warranty companies let drivers make small investments that will ensure that they won’t be held responsible for potentially crippling service charges.

Sorting through your options

Since plans vary in all sorts of ways, drivers tend to have difficulty choosing one best-suited to their needs. If you’re intent on protecting yourself from catastrophic repair bills, you need a comprehensive auto warranty; and to find the best deal, you need the ability to compare plans.

Almost no provider agrees to pay for “wear-related” expenses and vehicle maintenance costs; however, a few may also force you to pay for diagnostic tests which are crucial for determining the cause of a problem. How can you determine what auto warranty companies will and won’t pay for? You have two choices: pour over the contractual language of each plan, or rely on the courteous, knowledgeable experts at CARCHEX.

The selection process made easy

Instead of trying to find a comprehensive auto warranty on your own, work with a trustworthy, third-party provider, such as CARCHEX. Fully-accredited by the Better Business Bureau, CARCHEX is a reliable source for affordable plans and a wellspring of valuable information.

Wondering About Warranties? Episode 8: BMW Extended Car Warranty

New or used? This is often the most important decision you can make when buying a vehicle. You love the fact that a new vehicle comes with the protection of a factory warranty. But, you also know that you can get an excellent pre-owned vehicle for a fraction of the price.

This decision becomes even more crucial if you are considering purchasing a luxury import such as a BWM. The initial sticker price will be much higher for a new model but those imported precision parts will set you back without a warranty.

What to do? Pat Goss explains that there might be a way to save on both the initial cost and the repair costs of a BWM.

So there it is. With a BWM Extended Car Warranty from CARCHEX, you can have your dream car and save money, too!

You have questions, Pat Goss has answers.

I’m finally in a position to buy my dream car, a BMW. Do I need to buy a new one to get a warranty to cover the expense of luxury parts and labor?

Ah yes, BMW the dream car for so many people. Now one of the things you might want to consider is that by buying a luxury car that’s a couple of years old with low miles on it, you can save an absolute ton of money. You can buy a pre-owned BMW for a fraction of what a new one costs. You can save thousands of dollars and with a small portion of that money that you’ve already saved, you can buy a BMW extended car warranty from CARCHEX!

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